The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements for Senior Pets

Signs of the aging process in senior pets can lead pet owners to question what they can do to help their pets maintain a good quality of life. Many pet owners are surprised to learn a pet’s diet and nutrition can be quite effective in maintaining that quality of life. Good nutrition includes supplements, as well as the proper food. Senior dogs can benefit in multiple ways from nutritional supplements, such as the support of increased energy levels, mobility, healthy skin and coat, and proper immune function. Pet owners interested in exploring supplement options for their senior pets can see Nuvet’s profile.

Some of the top concerns senior pet owners observe in their aging pets are energy levels and decreased mobility. As pets age, the decline or loss of everyday functions such as hearing and eyesight can aggravate issues with mobility. Nutritional supplements can help maintain healthy bone tissue and joint movement, with ingredients such as glucosomine and chondroitin. Fish oil supplements can also help support joint movement and help reduce inflammation.

To support an aging pet’s immune function, taurine can be helpful for cats. Taurine is usually not given to dogs since their systems produce taurine on their own. The supplement supports the proper balance of antioxidants in the body. The proper balance of antioxidants is optimal for supporting good eyesight. Some would say it is analogous to humans eating enough carrots or getting enough vitamin A in their diets. To support optimal energy levels, protein is a good supplement to ensure the body’s metabolism has the support it needs to maintain enough muscle. Iron or foods that are high in iron can help your pet’s body make enough red blood cells to keep energy levels up.

Nutritional supplements and a good diet can go a long way towards keeping an aging pet in its prime condition. As in humans, solid nutrition, vitamins and supplements can aid the body’s major functions as wear and tear accumulates. Quality supplements for both dogs and cats tend to be formulated by veterinarians trained in canine and feline nutrition. The aging process does not have to be overwhelming, for either you or your pet!